Management Team

RM Holdings’ people values are built on three critical attributes, thought Leadership, Customer Commitment and Execution Excellence, the Sound approaches in selection, training and development, ensures that every stakeholder in RM Holdings evolves as best-of-breed export and import professional who can make a difference to clients.

The RM Holdings team is a professional and dynamic one, comprising individuals who work relentlessly using their respective areas of knowledge and experience to deliver value and quality.

Our team is our single most important sustainable competitive advantage for future growth. The mission of the company lays the foundation for an incessant pursuit of excellence.

Our team is passionate about maintaining high standards of professionalism in international business.

Our Mission

To increase and sustain the living standards of people by providing them with essential products and services of global quality at affordable prices. To exceed customers’ expectations through innovation and harnessing technology.

Our Vision

To be one of the internationally respected and professionally managed companies in the African Continent. To spread our wings to the other parts of the globe.

We treat our employees as our assets, not an expense item in Profit & Loss account. We recognize that keeping the employee morale high is the key for achieving our success. Team spirit and synergy are the hallmarks of our work culture. Our employees have a sense of ownership in what they do.

We are conscious of our responsibilities towards all our stakeholders and discharge them in letter and spirit.

We recognize that corporate responsibility towards society is an integral part of doing business. Thus we actively participate in community development programs.

We have respect for and confidence in each of our stake-holders, namely, shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, bankers, financiers and others. We believe that mutual trust is the foundation upon which everything else rests on.

Our Values

Integrity & Transparency

Our actions and operations are transparent.


Effective communication and knowledge sharing at all levels is core to our business.


We value team spirit where everyone is important and their contribution is appreciated and recognized

Commitment & Accountability

We are passionate in what we do and are accountable to our stake holders.

Quality Service

Our customers get the best of our dedicated and efficient service.


We strive for the best in whatever we do maintaining professional ethics and business acumen.