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Cattle is the most important among the domestic animals. Cattle farming is very profitable, easy to maintain and a traditional business. But for getting better profit from cattle farming business, you must have to select suitable and productive breeds for for your farm. There are many cattle breeds available around the world. Some of those cattle breeds are highly milk productive and some are highly meat productive. And some cattle are famous for both milk and meat production. The cattle breeds are classified below on the basis of their origin and production purpose.
On the Basis of Production: According to the effectiveness and production of milk and meat, the cattle breeds are of four types.
*Milk Breed: This types of cattle breed become highly milk productive. Some famous milk productive cattle breeds are holstein friesian, sahiwal, jersey, red sindhi, brown swiss, ayrshire etc.
*Beef Breed: This breeds are very famous for their meat production. Highly meat productive cattle breeds are angus, beefmaster, brahman, devon, shorthorn, hallikar etc.
*Both Milk and Beef Productive: This type of cattle breeds are popular for both milk and beef production. Haryana, tharparkar, red pool, kankrej, milking shorthorn etc. are famous for both milk and beef production.
*Draft Breed: The bull of this types of cattle breed are very suitable for hard working. Some important draft cattle breeds are haryana, amritmahal, malvi, krishna valley, bhagnari etc.

On the Basis of Origin: The cattle breeds on the basis of origination are of three types which are described below.
*Deshi Breed: This type of cattle breeds are local breeds. They are very calm and quite in nature and medium sized. Their body colors are different from each to another. They produce less milk and beef than other breeds, but suitable for small scale family farming. Red Chittagong is a famous deshi cattle breed.
*Foreign Breed: This types of cattle breeds were originated from different parts of the world. Sahiwal, holstein friesian, jersey, red sindhi, haryana, ayrshire etc. are famous foreign cattle breed.
*Hybrid Breed: Hybrid cattle breed were made through the artificial insemination of different types of cattle. For example inseminating holstein friesian cow with sahiwal bull creates a high productive hybrid cattle.


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